A Pre-Gelato Offering

An hour or so after posting the request for music recs, I realized that it was selfish of me to go asking without offering anything in return. So, here are some bands to check out.


Walter Meego: A three man, Chicago-based techno band that I probably wouldn’t have found if my good friend Justin Sconza wasn’t the lead singer (that’s him in the pic above). Fortunately, they’re really cool. Back at the end of August, they rocked Studio B in Greenpoint as part of their tour with VHS or Beta. Since Studio B has no ventilation, I always think that the B.O. levels are a great indication of how much fun people are having at a show. The more fun, the more they dance, they more they sweat, the more they stink. Walter Meego’s show was HUGE stinker.


Assembly of Dust: A quintet of well-known jam-banders and excellent musicians who are stepping into a more mainstream current. If you like guitars and positive feelings, you’ll like this band. Full disclosure: my sister is their co-manager and I used to room with the bassist when I lived on the Upper West Side (which is a long post for another day). I always have a good time at their shows, and in fact, they’re playing this weekend at The Highline Ballroom. Check them out if you’re in New York.

That’s what I got. What do you got?


~ by jaredran on September 28, 2007.

One Response to “A Pre-Gelato Offering”

  1. Dude your blog is tight. Good to see you’re kicking ass and taking names.

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