A Big Win and a Neighborhood App

Schilling ALDS(Reuters Photo)

Big Sox victory today in a very satisfying fashion. 9-1. (It was a really a shutout plus a Gagne, who’s really not in top form. Two of the 3 outs he got in the 9th were against Angels bench players, Nathan Haynes and Robb “that’s 2 b’s” Quinlan.) The Yankees are up five in the 6th after a horrific error by Trot Nixon in right allowing 3 to score. I’d rather they didn’t come back and win this series because I hate them, but if they do, it might add a sense of legitimacy to the ALCS. Nobody would be able to say that the Red Sox got off easy not having to face the Yankees.

I was dicking around the Neighborhood App on Facebook this evening and found it pretty cool to be able to see pictures of 122 of my Carroll Gardens neighbors. Here’s an idea to make it better: a Stats link. The profiles provide a bunch of data so it’d be pretty easy to go to a page that tells you the male-female ratio; how many people are married or in a relationship vs. single; where everyone went to school, etc. etc. complete with pie charts and graphs. It would be really interesting and useful for people considering moving to the hood, not to mention the people already living there.


~ by jaredran on October 8, 2007.

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