I Spell Relief I-N-D-I-A-N-S

Indians Celebrate

I came into work all smug about the Yankees losing last night. SBJ was a bit chagrined and asked me, “wouldn’t I prefer to play the Yankees since it’s always such a good series with such high drama?” My response was that I’d rather have a pleasant ALCS with two teams I like and one team I want to win than have two weeks of incredible nervousness and tenseness during which I wouldn’t be able to think about anything else and would probably get temporarily kicked out of my house by my D.P.

That being said, a legitimate consideration is whether or not winning the ALCS or the World Series would be as satisfying without having to go through the Yankees. Would it seem too easy?

Of course, it wouldn’t. That’s crazy talk. A World Series victory is a World Series victory no matter who loses to other teams on the way. The Sox will still get rings and a banner and a shot at being one more World Series win within the next 2 years away from being talked about as a dynasty.

Furthermore, the Indians are a very good team and will not make it easy for the Sox. I expect the ALCS to be a battle.

Winning playoff series pretty much boils down to your two starting pitchers, your set-up man, your closer, and how many runs your team scores. Fausto Carmona (19-8, 3.06, 137 K’s) and C. C. Sabathia (19-7, 3.21, 209) both have better ERA’s than Josh Beckett (20-7, 3.27, 194) and their records are comparable. Curt Schilling’s numbers don’t tell us anything because the Schilling of June is not the Schilling of Sunday afternoon. Everybody agrees to that. He has the best post-season numbers of pretty much anybody (8-2, 1.93, 108). At 40 years old and at the very beginning of commanding his new style, Schilling is at best un-hittable, but more realistically, unpredictable. At the risk of sounding like Joe Morgan, this could go either way, but I’d give the edge to Boston due to experience, but it’s a slight edge.

Cleveland scored 811 runs this year to Boston’s 867. Slight edge to Boston.

Papelbon vs. Borowski: The ERA’s say it all, 1.85 to 5.07. Edge to Papelbon.

Betancourt & Perez vs. Okajima and…??? Given that Betancourt and Perez were lights out in the Yankees series and I’m afraid to even write Gagne’s name next Okajima’s and I don’t really feel like talking about Timlin or Delcarmen, the edge has got to go to the Indians.

2 slight edges + 1 edge=2 edges to one edge. The Red Sox will win, but it’ll be close. Let’s not forget that The Indians have the confidence boost of beating a team that destroyed the Red Sox in September. They get an edge for that, which means it’s two to two.

Maybe this won’t be so pleasant after all.


~ by jaredran on October 9, 2007.

One Response to “I Spell Relief I-N-D-I-A-N-S”

  1. That is Yankee self entitlement you speak of when you say “You have to go through NY or it isn’t a real World series win”

    On;y blow hard New Yorkers would think they mean that much to the baseball world.lol


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