Response to Fire Danny Ainge

That is Yankee self entitlement you speak of when you say “You have to go through NY or it isn’t a real World series win.” Only blow hard New Yorkers would think they mean that much to the baseball

-Fire Danny Ainge

Fire Danny Ainge is implying that SBJ is a “blow hard New Yorker.” In SBJ’s defense, he went on to say that what he really roots for is to see the Yankees play in as many playoff games as possible. It’s not all that important that they win The World Series, he just wants to watch more baseball that he cares about. For instance, when they lost to Arizona in 7 in 2001, SBJ was fine with it. He got to see the maximum number of Yankees game and the World Series was great.

I live in Brooklyn, but I’m not really a New Yorker, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that any “blow hard New Yorker” would ever say what SBJ said about the Yankees in the playoffs. Therefore, SBJ can’t be a blow hard New Yorker. He must have grown up in DC or something.


~ by jaredran on October 10, 2007.

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