The Celtics!

Deuce Big Three

Deuce Big Three

It’s been many, many years since I’ve been able to say this, but I am very excited about the Celtics this season. If you know you’re supposed to be excited but aren’t really feeling it yet, read this article about the pre-season European swing. (Everybody keeps calling Garnett, Pierce, and Allen The Big Three. Does that not seem blasphemous to anyone else? Maybe it should be The Big Three 2 or Deuce Big Three or The Second Coming or Thank God The Celtics Have a Team Again.)

My good friend is getting married in April, and his best-man brother emailed all of his friends to see if we wanted to go to a Celtics game as part of the bachelor party weekend. Much to my surprise, I think this is a great idea.

Ron Mercer

The last time I went to a Celtics game was in like 1998. My dad got tickets through a business contact for us to sit in a luxury box. I think they played the Clippers. I remember Ron Mercer doing something pretty and then missing a dunk. You could hear a pin drop in the Fleet Center until that point. I also remember that it was a tough decision whether to watch the game in the seats in front of the box or to sit in the box and watch the Bruins game on one of the 10 tv’s they had. The team was that boring. Since then, the Celtics didn’t enter my mind again until their fluke appearance in the conference finals in 2001. After that week, I gave up. With the success of the Patriots and the Red Sox in the coming years, who needed them? But this off-season was special, and I’m looking forward to seeing some exciting basketball in Boston again.

For another time, the incredibly depressing Knicks-Nets game at Madison Square Garden in spring ’07.


~ by jaredran on October 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Celtics!”

  1. Jared, Why are all these postings about sports? Where is the theatre? I’m bored.:)
    Hope you’re well!

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