Request for Theatre

I received a pretty obvious complaint/request today in the comments to my piece about The Celtics from Julia Dossett:

Why are all these postings about sports? Where is the theatre? I’m bored.:)

There are two standard ways to talk about theatre on a blog: 1) Reviews; 2) Scooping gossip about who’s doing what. Here’s the problem with those two options for me: I’m neither a critic nor Michael Riedel. I’m a writer/director. Putting my 2 cents in on those topics seems awfully close to shitting where I sleep, and I’m not really into that.

Here’s what I’m willing to do: 1) Ask a question about a running show and let you all review it in the comments. 2) Mention something interesting theory-wise that I either read somewhere or that someone told me one time.

So let’s start with HOTEL CASSIOPEIA at BAM. Has anyone seen that? What did you think? Here’s The Times review for reference.


~ by jaredran on October 11, 2007.

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