Friday You Tube-ing and Links

This one took me a second before I got it. If you’re more pop-culture literate than I am, which is likely, you’ll see the joke a lot faster than I did.

My favorite song from Flight of The Conchords:

I recommend everyone watch 3 episodes of Flight of The Conchords, after that you kind of get it and you’re over it.

The Lawless Frontier–From The Atlantic Monthly, a very useful article for understanding the state of Afghanistan and Pakistan, written back in 2000, that’s pre-9/11. It’s almost like looking at an old yearbook, and it’s very good at explaining the tribal situation and the relationship of the Taliban with the citizens of Afghanistan. There’s also great stuff about Conservative Islam, extremism and how they play out politically.

The Hype Machine has relaunched.  It’s an aggregater of music blogs.  I’m going to frequent it and figure out what I like now.

Speaking of new music, I finally downloaded the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows, for free at their web site.  I couldn’t be happier that one of my favorite bands is now sharing their music at no cost.  My first listen was during my walk to work.  Track 1 got me going in a big way, but then it started to mellow out.  It got so mellow that I couldn’t focus on it under the noisy circumstances–cement trucks, traffic, my own thoughts.  Gowanus is a wild and woolly place.  This weekend I’m going to the Poconos with some friends.  I plan on subjecting them to In Rainbows once we’re all buzzy and sedated on red wine.  Hopefully, this experience will allow me to dig into it like when Devin and Nick (see friends, college) had a Hail To The Thie listening party when that first came out.  As a first-time listen, that event was without peer in spite of being really simple–find a couch, sit there, listen.


~ by jaredran on October 19, 2007.

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