What happened at the Whole Foods site?

Whole Foods Site

I saw the above walking home from work at 6pm on Tuesday, October 23rd. It’s the Whole Foods construction site on 3rd St. in Gowanus. Notice the temporary walls have fallen over onto the sidewalk. There weren’t any major storms recently; therefore wind probably isn’t the culprit. As much as I’d like it to be, it doesn’t seem like the first step in digging a whole for a foundation. If they were going to take down the walls, I don’t think they’d leave them on the sidewalk. It appears they’ve been pulled down by someone not associated with the project, maybe even driven through by a large vehicle. Does anyone know what happened? Whole Foods, if you’re out there, do you know that your walls have fallen?


~ by jaredran on October 23, 2007.

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