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Below is an email I sent to Brian McGrory of The Boston Globe in response to a passage in this article: With the Red Sox victories comes a loss of angst

Dear Brian McGrory,

I read this quote from Mayor Menino in your column With the Red Sox victories comes a loss of angst:

Tom Menino was sitting in his City Hall office yesterday saying what needed to be said. “This is different. In 2004, we never had a taste.” He paused, then added, “When you think about Boston, 1 in 3 Bostonians is 20 to 34 years old. You and I know what it’s like to lose. They don’t.”

The Mayor couldn’t be more wrong about this. I’m 26, was born in Revere in 1980, and lived in Reading from 1986 until I left for college in 1999. Now I live in Brooklyn, but I remain a rabid Red Sox fan as I have been since (and any native Bostonian will say the same) birth. But Mr. Mayor doesn’t think I know about losing.

Between 1986 and 2001, no Boston team won a championship of any kind. That’s 15 years of pain, which when you’re 50 probably doesn’t feel like much, but when you’re 20 in 2001, it’s ALL of your sports-conscious life. And if you were 50 in 2001, you had the Celtics winning championships for years and you saw the Bruins win a few cups.

Regarding the Red Sox specifically, sure, we weren’t around for the heartache of ’67 or ’75 and we were barely there for ’86, but we had our own problems. The most obvious is a little homerun by Aaron Boone in ’03, but we also had the horrible collapse of the Joe Kerrigan 2001 fiasco, losing to the Yankees in ’99, the Indians in ’98 & ’95, and the A’s in ’90 & ’88. In fact, between ’86 and ’98, we went 11 seasons without even winning 1 playoff game. On top of that, we had to watch The Rocket win 4! Cy Youngs after tanking in Boston in ’96, Wade Boggs get a ring with the Yankees, and the death of Carlos Quintana.

Wade Boggs

Mayor Menino, we know about losing and we know about heartache, and ’04 meant every bit as much to us as it did to you. The players have already shown by coming back against the Indians that ’07 matters to them. It’s up to the fans of Red Sox Nation to show them that it matters to us as well.


Jared Ranere

Carlos Quintana


~ by jaredran on October 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Brian McGrory Article”

  1. great letter, did you actually submit that?

  2. I most certainly did. I left out the picture, but the letter should be sitting in McGrory’s inbox. What do you think of my homage to Q?

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