The Rockies Are Christian, Wicked Christian

Jesus Baseball

I know I’m a year late on this, but with the Rockies in the World Series I only just now have reason to pay attention to them. According to an article in USA Today from June 2006, the Rockies are a “Christian team;” they seek to hire Christians, promote Christianity, and attribute their success (or lack thereof) to God’s handiwork. Whoa. This article in The Nation by Dave Zirin makes the important point to consider on the first day of the Rockies most significant series as a franchise:

If Monfort [The Rockies’ chairman and CEO], O’Dowd [GM] and Hurdle [the manager] want to pray on their own time, more power to them. But the ballpark isn’t a church. [John] Smoltz [who has flippant and derogatory views on gay marriage] isn’t a preacher. And fans aren’t a flock. Instead of using their position of commercial power to field a God Squad, the Rockies might want to think about getting some decent players. There was once this guy named Babe Ruth. Not too much for the religion, and his character was less than sterling. But I hear he could play some decent ball.

Does this put their astounding 21 for 22 streak in a new light? Are they a team of Christian destiny? Are the Red Sox diabolic? What does this mean?


~ by jaredran on October 24, 2007.

One Response to “The Rockies Are Christian, Wicked Christian”

  1. In response to the Babe Ruth example:

    Maybe some people feel guilty about enabling other people (by giving them million-dollar contracts) to be what they see as immoral. I guess? Like when people feel guilty about paying taxes to a government that uses the money for war.

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