The Truman Show A Reality?

Strange Harvest

Strange Harvest, a blog in the UK has a great article about a new venture for Pinewood Studios, a real-life housing development that doubles as a movie set. Each section of the development is built to resemble famous streets in major cities around the world, popular locales for shooting a movie. This way, Pinewood Studios can save money by not traveling to each city in order to shoot on location. On top of that, since people are living in the development, each movie set comes ready made with a resident population.

Having worked in midtown for 2 years, I can safely say I would not want to live in this development. The novelty of movies being shot in your neighborhood gets old fast. Eventually, you just get upset about not being able to eat from the food table. (Seriously, it’s just sitting there in the open. Why can’t I have a donut?)


~ by jaredran on January 15, 2008.

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