Northeast Kingdom

The contrast between the approach to this restaurant and the experience inside is so satisfying that you don’t even need to try the food to enjoy your visit. If you walk from East Williamsburg to Northeast Kingdom in Bushwick, you pass through one of the most industrial sections of New York. There were few to no residences, many empty lots, giant warehouses and factories that my or may not be operational during the day and are most certainly dead at night, and streets with no lamps and very stinky trash strewn about. Then you enter the oasis of Northeast Kingdom, serene, countrified, casual, friendly, and comfortable. The cuisine fully lives up to the environment, and the service is absolutely terrific (polite without snooty, charming without intimidating, it was like we were hanging out at a friend’s house)–a rare pleasure in New York dining. I highly recommend you make the journey.


~ by jaredran on January 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Northeast Kingdom”

  1. cool — I used to live in Bushwick, near the Morgan stop, and I miss the industrial atmosphere. Life CafĂ© (, just down Flushing from Northeast Kingdom, is also a sweet place. Great brunches.

  2. how did you possibly find out about this cool place?

  3. Gee I don’t know. I vaguely recalled someone named Chrysanthe recommending it, but that’s an old memory that we can necessarily trust.

  4. oh. hm. I *guess* that’s possible. Heh.

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