My father went to Balthazar once about 4 years ago and ever since has been clamoring to return. He and my mom live in Boston so every now and then when they came to visit for a weekend we would try to get a table at Balthazar for brunch. Impossible. Recently, however, they were in town for a long weekend and we got a table on Monday. My dad had hyped it up so much that I was expecting a lot, something transcendent. But how good can brunch be? It was crowded. It was loud. I felt like I was among stylish clientèle. The waiter had that professional waiter “I’m totally uninterested in you and would prefer if you weren’t here, but I’ll still you give you excellent service” thing going on. The food was very tasty. I had hazelnut waffles with sour cream and berries–no syrup. The coffee was average, the mimosa was too. I have nothing bad to say about this brunch, but then again, I didn’t pay. If I had, I think I would’ve been much happier in Brooklyn.


~ by jaredran on February 21, 2008.

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