Bush roasts, toasts champions – The Boston Globe

Brian Bender of The Boston Globe gave an amusing, pithy and overall excellent recap of the Red Sox visit to The White House in his aricle, Bush Roasts, Toasts Champions

Here’s a list of 5 notables from this recap:

1) Manny didn’t show up.  He didn’t show up in ’04 either.  Does he have a political conscience or is this just another instance of “Manny being Manny,” by which I mean his caring only about baseball manifesting as flakiness?

2) Bush’s best joke of the day: “We [Dice-K and myself] both have trouble answering questions in English.”  This is really funny, and should be embarrassing because it’s true and isn’t this guy supposed to represent America to the world?  Or has the American public just totally given up on him?

3) Bush on winning in baseball:

“This is a club that was wise enough to maintain a core of players that knew how to win,” Bush said. “Varitek, Mirabelli, Ortiz, Ramirez, Schilling, Youkilis, Timlin and Wakefield were all members of the 2004 championship team, and they provided the nucleus to bring some new players and some young players along.”

How does Bush know so much about baseball and The Red Sox?  Where would the president find time to collect this kind of information when he’s busy having meetings with high-powered members of the international society?

4) Maybe it has something to do with this:

“But the star of the show quickly became Bush, the former owner of the Texas Rangers and fan-in-chief who was clearly enjoying the opportunity to mingle with ballplayers after more substantive meetings earlier in the day with the prime minister of the Czech Republic and a special envoy from the Organization of the Islamic Conferenc.”

Bush actually likes baseball.

5) I have nothing to say about this one; it’s just a gem:

“And how about Jonathan Papelbon? The guy pitches almost as well as he dances. And I appreciate the dress code. Thanks for wearing pants.”


~ by jaredran on February 28, 2008.

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