Villa Berulia

In the wasteland of the east 30’s in Manhattan, somewhere between Murray Hill and Midtown East is an Italian-Croatian restaurant called Villa Berulia.  The bar at this place is the high point.  It’s very quiet, but everyone there seems to know the place and be very comfortable.  It’s welcoming, and the bartender pours a strong Manhattan.  The food left a lot to be desired, a lot, especially at the prices–in the low to high 20’s for all entrees.  I got a Croatian beef stew with gnocchi, which was really just two slices of dried pot roast smothered in what tasted like canned tomato sauce.  Somebody got fish, someone else got frutti di mare in a red sauce.  Nobody said anything nice about their food.  Don’t bother going here, unless you find yourself on 34th and Lex and need a drink, which for me is just about every time I find myself at 34th & Lex.


~ by jaredran on February 28, 2008.

One Response to “Villa Berulia”

  1. u must have come on an off night. these people have been at this location for almost 30 years, same owners, even the same chef! u should go back & try the veal chop, its their house specialty, and was even just recently featured on Good Morning America b/c its soo darn good!!

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