Twitter Group Lists

I made a referential joke with a Tweet today assuming that the only people who read my feed regularly would get the joke.  I was wrong.  Turns out another friend reads my feed, and he was like, “what the hell does that mean?”  It would be cool if I could set up group lists on Twitter within my followers.  If I want to make a joke for the sake of my work friends that no one else would understand, I just write @work, and the tweet goes only to them.  I could do @family, @redsox (for my friends who are red sox fans.  yes, that should be all of them.)  I could even do @random to give a shout out to all those randos who follow me and who I don’t know from Adam.  Is anyone saying anything clever or insightful about this phenomenon?  I have to admit, it kind of weirds me out.

Chances are, someone has already built this.  If so, is there anyone out there who can tell me where to find it?


~ by jaredran on April 30, 2008.

One Response to “Twitter Group Lists”

  1. great idea! perhaps the creator of twitter snooze would have an idea? (andrew parker)

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