Summer TV Weirdness–Sexy Cam

It appears that Fox is getting closer and closer to throwing their hands up and airing porn.  It if it worked for the internet…

While looking for a movie to watch on Hulu, I noticed some clips of My Bare Lady.  It said something like “girls see the theatre for the first time.”  Being a theatre guy, I took note and watched the clip.  4 curvy women went on the stage of the Garrick Theatre in London with some British producer guy and did monologues from Romeo & Juliet.  I couldn’t quite figure out what it was, so I Googled “my bare lady.”  Here’s the excerpt from Fox’s web page:

Things heat up when four American adult film stars are sent to London’s most prestigious theatrical school to prove they can really act. When the curtain goes up, someone’s going down.

So that explains that.  Further down the page is a section: If you like this show, check out:

Single Girls

Strip Search

Sexy Cam

The first two seemed pretty self-explanatory, so I clicked on the 3rd one.  It’s basically x-rated candid camera.  Two girls make out in a restaurant booth and they shoot the “hilarious” reactions of the patrons.  Two guys waiting around for their girlfriends to finish trying on clothes are surprised by a woman modeling her lingerie in public and asking the guys for advice.  The best part–the laugh track and the moment at the end when they point at the cameras and reveal that these people were on Sexy Cam!  They shake hands, look at each other and laugh, the girlfriends of the guys in the store say, “Gotcha!”

My question is, who’s more embarrassed here?  The guys who get caught making googly eyes at the exhibitionists?  Or is it the actors who are getting paid to prance around half-naked on a lark?

That’s the cynical point of view.  The forgiving optimist might say, “well, doesn’t everyone feel like getting naked in public now and then and want a legitimate excuse to do so?”  Don’t you?

In any event, Fox is really scraping the bottom of the barrel as we enter the summer doldrums.  Or maybe I am by actually watching clips of this stuff…oops…

(It’ll be interesting to note the traffic and spam flow I get from this post given all of the naughty words I used.  I’ll be sure to post an update.)


~ by jaredran on June 27, 2008.

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  1. Is owned by the Fox TV network?

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