Another Movie Set

The "ppe" is the end of the word "Shoppe" as in Flower Shoppe, pronounced shop-ee, of course.

The "ppe" is the end of the word "Shoppe" as in Flower Shoppe, pronounced shop-ee, of course.

A movie is being shot at Court St. and Degraw. Looks like they’re using the Flower Shoppe as the set.  I hope it’s a movie about a busybody Italian florist whose luck in love extends to everyone but herself.

This set is right across the street from Damico’s Coffee where there was a nice old neighborhood man sitting in his chair on the sidewalk.  It’s not clear if he was there to watch the shoot or if he parks himself in front o Damico’s everyday and today the scenery was a little more interesting.  Also not clear if he was excited to have the movie on the block or complaining about it to all passersby.  And it’s this very fact that makes me love my neighborhood.

AP Photo

AP Photo from

While I’m on the topic of glamour, yesterday I stook in line behind Ms. Universe, Dayana Mendoza, at the Mr. Softee on 5th Ave. and 72nd St., right outside Central Park.  She had a camera crew with her so I thought they were just shooting a small scene and she was some telenovela actress that I didn’t know.  But after she got her ice cream, the cameraman turned to me and my girlfriend and said, “That’s Ms. Universe,” as he winked at us.  Evidentally, he was proud of his job, but he wasn’t quite as excited as the ice cream man who took a picture of himself with Miss Universe with his IPhone.  (What ice cream man has an IPhone???  He must run some kind of Mr. Softee internet startup on the side.)  The couple behind us was very unimpressed, even though Miss Universe was definitely the most put together person I’ve ever seen. There’s no reverence anymore, or maybe they were just hot and wanted their ice cream.

I definitely didn’t realize they were still doing Miss Universe competitions, but apparently she was crowned on July 14th.  The Examiner has the story. And it turns out she likes vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, or “de colores” en espanol.


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