Oil Prices Drop

The NYTimes posted an article from the AP entitled Oil Prices Off More Than $3, Continuing Slide detailing how and why prices per barrell are down to $121.37.

My favorite part of the story is:

And demand for oil in the United States — the world’s thirstiest consumer — continues to fall, dropping by 891,000 barrels per day in May compared the same month a year ago, the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration said Monday.

I’m not here to celebrate the cheaper gas; I’m here to say, “Way to go USA!”  Individuals are deciding to use less oil.  It took extremely high prices to get it done, but Americans have figured out how to live using less oil per day.  Chances are that even if prices drop total consumption will stay down.  It may not continue to plummet, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I’d love to hear some reports about what individuals have been doing this summer to save money on gas and thus use less oil.  There are probably some pretty creative solutions out there.  Car companies putting a lot of efforts towards developing and selling more hybrids and electric cars have certainly been a help, but they can’t affect people who can’t afford new cars.  So, what’s happening out there?

My efforts have been:

1) riding my bike to work instead of taking the subway. (although this doesn’t change anything b/c the subway i would’ve taken is still running.)

2) Ordering products from The Green Office for our office.  (Evidently, they do something clever with shipping.)

3) Switching from getting our coffee to delivered to the office to buying it a local roaster.  We’re loving D’Amico Foods these days, especially the Carroll Gardens blend. (Saving gas on freight.)

4) Not ordering FreshDirect–again avoiding gas spent on delivery.  However, we did start getting boxes of organic fruit and vegetables delivered from Urban Organic last night.  It’s such a great service.  They shop for in season produce at local Farmers’ Markets, throw the choice selections in a box and deliver it to your door.  It’s like Christmas!  You get different foods based on the season and what looks good. I highly recommend it!  (If you sign up, mention my name, Jared Ranere, because then I’ll get a free box!)


~ by jaredran on July 29, 2008.

One Response to “Oil Prices Drop”

  1. Regarding URBAN ORGANIC (from my post off http://www.yelp.com/biz/urban-organic-home-delivery-brooklyn):

    I went into this thinking it was going to be a stress reliever for me because I would no longer have to worry about going to the local farmers markets in order to eat organic. Little did I know it was going to be a total nightmare when trying to get my first box.

    After trying to call their office with many failed attempts I came to learn that on their first attempt in getting the delivery over to my home they failed because their vans broke down, but they did call to say they would deliver the box to me the next day. When the next day came no box showed up and I waited until 11:30pm although their expected delivery time is from 2-10pm. I then tried to call the office again with no success. On the third day with no expectation of my food ever arriving I come to find an Urban Organic box in front of my doorstep.

    At this point I was so curious to see what took them 3 days to deliver to me that I ran in the house and tore open the box. Unfortunately, I must say that, that was the final straw. All the veggies inside the box were either wilted or with molded spots on them, most of the fruit was bruised and rotten and the ones that were salvageable were melee and were immediately thrown away.

    When I called the office and finally spoke with a service rep all she could do was apologize but no refund was given. Not even a courtesy box for my troubles. And furthermore when trying to speak with any type of management there was none to be had only voice mails which were never responded to.

    So in the end of it all I am out $63.98, only received 1 box from them and all of the food arrived spoiled and had to be thrown away. It is a real shame that a business like this is not as organized as they lead their potential customers to believe. If they were they would go far.

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